sunday’s mass

since the mass the sunday before last had affected me so, i guess i kind of hoped that this past sunday’s would do so as well. this one was about nourishment — that the good lord would provide all that the body, heart and soul required. the mass included, of course, the parable of the miracle of the five loaves and two fishes.

it’s a great parable.

it’s one i’ve heard so often that i hold little fascination for it now.

and as i headed home, my heart was full of cynicism.

so that mass, i’d thought, had been like most of the others which i’d attended — an hour of monotonous drivel paired with the required, expected and meaningless responses to that drivel. we are like robots. i’ve a hard time believing god would want us to worship him in that way.

but today, i was watching miss pettigrew lives for a day, and i was reminded of the nourishment my body, heart and soul lack.

i am not an expert on love. i am an expert on the lack of love … and that is a fate from which i wish more fervently to save you (guinevere pettigrew).”

to quote miss pettigrew, i’ve not eaten in a very long time.

not literally. i had oven-baked chicken, salad, corn freshly cut from the cob and a cheesy roll about twenty minutes ago.

metaphorically…metaphorically, i’m starving.

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