stuck on you: where there is love there is life

about a month ago, i drove into west houston to attend an author event at blue willow bookshop, which is probably where i should buy all my books but driving from the woodlands to memorial city sucks ass (i usually take ninety-nine which means i’m spending money to drive on a road not funded by my tax-payed dollars, and then i have to get on interstate ten which is the devil’s freeway: the stretch from ninety-nine to six is like the third layer of hell, six to the sam houston tollway’s the fourth, toll to chimney rock’s the fifth, chimney rock to loop six ten is the sixth, loop to shepherd’s the seventh, shepherd to forty-five’s the eighth, and then you’re in it… the ninth layer of HELL), really, so… and i forget i could just call them and say ship it to me… because barnes and nobles is closer and there’s this computer right here…

anyway… i drove into west houston to hear gayle forman talk and get a signed copy of her latest, leave me. while waiting, kept finding things to buy, and so i left with a bag of books instead of the one.

and the one i liked most of those purchased that day is stuck on you: one hundred forty quirky love quotes that stick in your memory and on your stuff. (it’s in the bag, the brown and pink one on the left.) on the cover are the words where there is love there is life. i picked it up and flipped it open and landed on these quotes:

the deeper your scars, the more room there is to fill them up with love (daniel chidiac).
i have found that if you love life, life will love you back (arthur rubinstein). 

i had to buy it. i have to remember to fill the scars with good things. because i so often forget to do this.

so… a few of the good things:

great mystery, teach me how to trust my heart (lakota prayer).
if grass can grow through cement, love can find you at every time in your life (cher).

you are a conductor of light (sir arthur conan doyle).

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