songs that start with the letter y: a not-so-random sample

one. yard of muscle. middlefinger’s three martini lunch.
two. yawny at the apocalypse. andrew bird’s armchair apocrypha.
three. yellow. coldplay’s parachutes.
four. yellow ledbetter. pearl jam’s rearview mirror.
five. yesterday. staind’s fourteen shades of gray.
six. you and me. lifehouse’s self-titled album.
seven. you are loved (don’t give up). josh groban’s awake.
eight. you are the best thing. ray lamontagne’s gossip in the grain.
nine. you cause as much sorrow. sinead o’connor’s i do not want what i haven’t got.
ten. you could be mine. guns n’ roses’ use your illusion ii.
eleven. you don’t have to be afraid. kaki king’s until we felt red.
twelve. you don’t know me. michael buble’s it’s time.
thirteen. you found me. the fray’s self-titled album.
fourteen. you give me something. james morrison’s undiscovered.
fifteen. you look so fine. garbage’s version two.
sixteen. you picked me. a fine frenzy’s one cell in the sea.
seventeen. you really got me. van halen’s self-titled album.
eighteen. you told a lie. camera obscura’s my maudlin career.
nineteen. you’re not one of them. john ottman’s superman returns soundtrack.
twenty. you’re still here. faith hill’s cry.
twenty-one. young folks. peter bjorn and john’s writer’s block.
twenty-two. your hands are cold. jean-yves thibaudet’s pride and prejudice soundtrack.
twenty-three. your time has come. audioslave’s out of exile.
twenty-four. your winter. sister hazel’s fortress.
twenty-five. the youth. mgmt’s oracular spectacular.

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  1. "Yellow" and "Yellow Ledbetter" are two of my faves. And "You Look So Fine" holds a very special place in my heart; it was me&my ex-'s song. Great list!

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