songs that start with the letter i: a not-so-random sample

one. i alone. live. throwing copper.
two. i am. train’s self-titled album.
three. i choose. the offspring. ixnay on the hombre.
four. i dare you to move. switchfoot. learning to breathe.
five. i do. abra moore. everything changed.
six. i don’t believe in love. queensryche. operation mindcrime.
seven. i drove all night. cyndia lauper. the essential cyndi lauper.
eight. i got id. pearl jam. merkin ball.
nine. i miss you. blink-182’s self-titled album.
ten. i will not take these things for granted. toad the wet sprocket. fear.
eleven. i won’t let you go. snow patrol. divergent (original motion picture soundtrack).
twelve. i’ll stand by you. the pretenders. last of the independents.
thirteen. if i can dream. elvis presley. memories: the ’68 comeback special.
fourteen. if you’re gone. matchbox twenty. mad season.
fifteen. (if you’re wondering if i want you to) i want you to. weezer. raditude.
sixteen. in ‘n’ out. van halen. for unlawful carnal knowledge.
seventeen. in my place. coldplay. a rush of blood to the head.
eighteen. in the end. linkin park. hybrid theory.
nineteen. in this life. chantal kreviazuk. what if it all means something.
twenty. in your eyes. peter gabriel. so.
twenty-one. in your room. depeche mode. the singles 86>98.
twenty-two. innocence. the airborne toxic event’s self-titled album.
twenty-three. invisible city. the wallflowers. bringing down the horse.
twenty-four. iris. goo goo dolls. dizzy up the girl.
twenty-five. is it any wonder. keane. under the iron sea.

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