seven things to celebrate in february: a scavenger hunt

one. february fourth. thank a mailman day. take some treats to the folks at your local post office or shipping store.

two. february eighth. kite flying day. go fly a kite. sounds simple enough… but the WIND…

three. february ninth. national pizza day. treat a friend to some pizza. and not the cheap shit. if there’s a gino’s east, say, in your neck of the woods… it’s national pizza day, for crying out loud. PIZZA, a gift from the gods, yall. YUMMY YUMMY GOODNESS.

four. february eleventh. make a friend day. this sounds simple enough, too, right? for geeks like me, it’s really, really not.

five. february fourteenth. ferris wheel day. go ride a ferris wheel. this, too, sounds simple enough. except if you’re scared of heights, then maybe not so much. show of hands… you can’t see but both mine were raised pretty high just then.

six. february fifteenth. singles awareness day. all the single ladies… and laddies. so this day started as sort of a joke, but… maybe you’ve got a single friend who’s having a rough go of it lately. take time out of your day to do something to let that person know how much he or she is loved and needed.

seven. february sixteenth. do a grouch a favor day. one could argue that this task could be tied to the previous one… NO. i don’t care what you do or how you do it… but find the grouchiest soul you know and put a little light in that person’s world.

reminder: tasks don’t need to be done on the date with which they’re paired. you’ve got the whole month to tackle this.

2 responses to “seven things to celebrate in february: a scavenger hunt”

  1. I just rode a ferris wheel in December!
    I can think of a few singles that I can show some love.
    Hooray for pizza day!
    That last one is tough. Hands down, the grouchiest person I know is my father-in-law, and I already struggle with the fact that I do a lot without receiving any gratitude from him.

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