random quarter: the west wing edition

september twenty-second. fifteen years ago. nbc aired the pilot episode of the west wing. i was twenty-six. it’s kind of fast-paced, this show. it requires you to pay attention. they talk fast. they walk fast. and then all the sudden shit’s happening, and if you didn’t catch it two minutes ago, then you’ll miss quite a bit. but it’s not the politics that inspired me to love this program. it’s the people. i never get tired of their stories. so… here are twenty-five of my favorite episodes.

season one
one. a proportional response. 
two. the state dinner.
three. celestial navigation. 
four. white house pro am. 
season two
five. in the shadow of two gunmen
six. and it’s surely to their credit
seven. bad moon rising.
eight. two cathedrals. 

season three
nine. bartlet for america.
ten. h. con one-seven-two. 
eleven. hartfield landing. 
twelve. dead irish writers.

season four
thirteen. twenty hours in america.
fourteen. election night.
fifteen. life on mars.

season five
sixteen. the dogs of war.
seventeen. shutdown.
eighteen. the supremes.
nineteen. memorial day.
season six
twenty. the birnam wood.
twenty-one. king corn.
twenty-two. 2162 votes.

season seven
twenty-three. requiem.
twenty-four. transition.
twenty-five. institutional memory.

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  1. thank you for stopping by, looking forward to the April a-z challenge is there any guidlines? I am still a bit confused but it is ok, I will catch on lol hugs to you, enjoyed reading your blog, tried following but wont let me 🙁 will try again.

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