random quarter: the q&a edition – november

there’s a five-year journal called q&a: three hundred sixty-five questions – five years – one thousand, eight hundred twenty-five answers. i found it at barnes & nobles and anthropologie. it’s good for road trips. it’s good for these rq posts i do. this one’s gonna be a little different. instead of me rambling about some subject of my choosing, i’m picking twenty-five of november’s questions from this here book and anwering them with five words or less.

one. what was something you couldn’t do today? have lunch with the twins.

two. what’s your biggest expense right now? transportation.

three. when did you last hold a baby? i don’t remember.

four. what time did you go to bed last night? nine.

five. what are you bored talking about? sex.

six. is there anything missing in your life? yes.

seven. what song could be your self-portrait? indigo girls’ closer to fine.

eight. what do you need to vent about? family.

nine. waking up was pleasant.

ten. what are you obsessed with right now? fixing things potentially irreparable.

UPDATED TUESDAY: phineas, my beloved vehicle, is in fact dead.
i’m quite certain i’ve wrecked things with someone i would’ve liked to at least call friend.
thankfully, i saw this in a college friend’s facebook feed:

lately i feel a lot like pigpen. and seeing this made me think of the charlie browns in my life.

eleven. which friend(s) did you last speak to? veronica.

twelve. what is your dream job of the day? something in communications.

thirteen. when was the last time you checked an online social network? fifteen minutes ago.

fourteen. what do you have to get done? my room’s a disaster zone.

fifteen. what are your favorite shoes? brown docs.

sixteen. what are you trying to do? i don’t know.

seventeen. what is your favorite brunch food? sausage, egg and cheese sandwich

eighteen. who have you recently deleted from your contacts/address book? i don’t know.

nineteen. how much water did you drink today? none.

twenty. what three words describe your family? smart, odd, loving.

twenty-one. who inspires you? currently? no one.

twenty-two. what was the last risk you took? submitting a manuscript.

twenty-three. what five words describe your mood? sad, shameful, frustrated, disgusted and perturbed.

twenty-four. today you almost had lunch with the twins.

twenty-five. did you leave work on time? no.

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