random quarter: the q&a edition-may

one. what’s something you couldn’t do today? deny myself the hershey’s chocolate.

two. what’s your biggest expense right now? the gilmore painting i bought.

three. when did you last hold a baby? couple of years ago.

four. today you made five articles for print.

five. what should remain as is? huntsville, utah.

six. what time did you go to bed last night? eleven p.m.

seven. who is your hero? my parents, brother and friends.

eight. what topic are you bored talking about? presidential candidates.

nine. did you leave work on time? nope.

ten. waking up was hard to do.

eleven. which friends did you last speak to? my brother, jacqueline and missy.

twelve. when was the last time you checked an online social network? right before writing this post.

thirteen. what do you have to get done? clean my room.

fourteen. what was the last risk you took? talking with missy.

fifteen. what five words describe your mood? encouraged, hopeful, anxious, exhausted, appreciative.

sixteen. today you almost got rear-ended. stupid cow.

seventeen. where do you find pleasure? good company, countryside or story.

eighteen. is there anything missing in your life? my brother.

nineteen. what song could be your self-portrait? dave matthews’ rhyme and reason.

twenty. what is your dream job of the day? writer… but my own boss.

twenty-one. what are your favorite shoes? brown sanuk flip-flops.

twenty-two. what are you trying to do? figure which questions to use.

twenty-three. what is your favorite brunch food? poached egg and toast.

twenty-four. how much water did you drink today? about a hundred ounces.

twenty-five. what three words describe your family? down by one.

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