random quarter: the q&a edition–may

one. messy or neat? messy.

two. are you hesitating? i guess.

three. if you could have a superpower just for today, what would it be? ability to read people’s minds.

four. when was the last time you went swimming? last summer.

five. today was hilarious because of sarah and adam.

six. what was the last party you went to? mae’s baby shower.

seven. who would play you in a movie about your life? is it a good movie? hilary swank. i don’t know.

eight. who do you think is cute? lots of people.

nine. what do you want to postpone? nothing.

ten. how did you start your day? playing texas hold’m poker online.

eleven. how do you want to be remembered? as a good writer.

twelve. what are you exploring? nothing.

thirteen. what do you consider to be your biggest achievement? living despite this shit.

fourteen. what was your favorite day this week? monday.

fifteen. what’s the most creative thing you’ve done recently? written some newspaper articles.

sixteen. if you could travel anywhere tomorrow, where would you go? roadtrip across the south.

seventeen. list the things that nagged you today? shyness, fear and my mouth.

eighteen. what gives you comfort right now? baker street.

nineteen. what’s the best thing you’ve read today? something i wrote.

twenty. if you didn’t have any responsibilities for the day what would you do? hang at baker’s and blog.

twenty-one. who loves you today? my family.

twenty-two. what makes a good enemy? hatred and fear.

twenty-three. today you got rid of money because i ate out.

twenty-four. when was the last time you had an inspiring conversation? i don’t remember.

twenty-five. how much cash do you have in your wallet? three dollars.

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