random quarter: the q&a edition-july

one. should you trusts your instincts? nope.

two. who do you miss the most right now? minn.

three. today you wore maroon, striped polo, jeans, flip-flops.

four. what was the last fruit you ate? honeydew melon.

five. what do you feel most grateful for today? watching sunset at lake woodlands.

six. how many cups of coffee did you drink today? none.

seven. did you exercise today? nope.

eight. the best hour of was sunset. why? because it’s summer in texas.

nine. what was the last personal letter you received? thank you note from natalie.

ten. what’s the last movie you saw in a theater? trainwreck.

eleven. when was the last time you cried? today.

twelve. what was the last beach you went to? coligny beach at hilton head.

thirteen. are you wearing socks? nope.

fourteen. what was the last road trip you took? austin in november.

fifteen. today were you a wallflower or a social butterfly? wallflower.

sixteen. on a scale of one to ten, how healthy are you? three.

seventeen. what makes you miserable? lack of faith, i suppose.

eighteen. what makes a good friend? consideration.

nineteen. what is your favorite thing to do on a friday night? watch movies.

twenty. is something in your way? yes. can you move it? no.

twenty-one. something that made you worry today? the wonder twins.

twenty-two. what’s your favorite gadget? my mac.

twenty-three. what makes you cynical? life.

twenty-four. what’s the last meal someone cooked for you? chicken, beans, potatoes and melon.

twenty-five. when’s the last time you had pizza? last saturday. what kind? california pizza kitchen’s blt.

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