random quarter: the q&a edition – january

one. can people change? no.

two. what are you reading right now? me before you – jojo moyes.

three. the best part of today? watching last sunday’s packers’ game.

four. what was the last restaurant you went to? fielding’s.

five. today was tough because brother’s children drove me nuts.

six. today you lost patience. several times.

seven. what’s your favorite accessory? london blue topaz ring.

eight. where do you want to travel next? drive up california’s coast.

nine. are you a leader or a follower? follower.

ten. one a scale of one to ten, how was your lunch today? six.

eleven. do you owe someone some money? yes. does someone owe you? no.

twelve. what was peaceful about today? watching football.

thirteen. list three foods you ate today? cake, turkey sandwich, chocolate milkshake.

fourteen. are you holding a grudge? yes. about? my brother disrespecting my space.

fifteen. what are you looking forward to? a day with no responsibilities.

sixteen. are you seeking security or adventure? adventure.

seventeen. do you need a break? yes. from what? life in general.

eighteen. today you needed more rest, cooperation, cleanliness, patience, kindness.

nineteen. which art movement best describes you today? abstract expressionism.

twenty. how do you describe home? tempestuous.

twenty-one. what was the last television show you watched? nfl football – sunday, december twenty-eighth.

twenty-two. what do you want to forget? a boy.

twenty-three. who do you want to be? better.

twenty-four. what is your mission? self-sufficiency.

twenty-five. was today typical? yes. why or why not? it’s equally good and bad.

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