random quarter

one. my friend melissa and i attempted to watch gone girl tuesday. we sat in that theater for maybe twenty minutes of the show. then we walked out.

two. froot loops are better than fruity pebbles.

three. my first dog, a black lab, was named buckwheat.

four. if given the opportunity to take a trip to anywhere i want with as many or as few people as i’d like for as long as i’d like and money is no object, i would go by myself and fly to alaska and hawaii and then i would take a nationwide roadtrip for however long it takes me to see what i want to see.

five. i’m still descending, though the fall isn’t as speedy and straight as it had been.

UPDATED FRIDAY: actually i spoke too soon. apparently there’s a whole other chute into hell that i was supposed to find. though this one isn’t quite as vertical as the last, it’s slick.

six. if a genie were to grant me three wishes i would wish for… here is where the road diverges… if i’m descending, then i would wish for love and health for my younger brother, love and health for his children, and sudden death for me (the less violent, the better)… if i am well, i would wish for love, literary representation and publication. (either way… it’s selfish.)

seven. i believe in ghosts… that it’s entirely possible for a spirit to linger and to haunt.

eight. i am not a huge fan of steak, but if i must eat it, i would prefer it be cooked medium well.

nine. if i am out with my friends at a bar, i like chocolatey drinks and lately i favor a variation of a mudslide. i’m not too much a fan of the blended version… just put the liquor (an ounce of tito’s vodka, an ounce of kahlua, an ounce of bailey’s) and a little milk in a rocks glass, and i’m good. if the bartenders can’t be accommodating, i’d probably get a vodka (tito’s again… it’s from texas, yall) tonic.

ten. two insurance companies have determined phineas is totaled, but the dealership is saying he can be fixed, so… more waiting. i just want my car back. i can’t afford a new one, and i’m kind of in love with that one. i hadn’t realized a person could be in love with a car. and yes, i’m aware of how ridiculous that sounds.

eleven. i don’t much care for dancing.

twelve. i don’t much care for jalapenos, BUT there’s a cheesy bread that’s got those in it that i love.

thirteen. my biggest achievement is existing when i’d rather be extinguished.

fourteen. if i could go back in time and change something i would hold my older brother tight instead of giving him the pathetic excuse of a one-armed hug he got the last time he reached out to hug me.

fifteen. i am not hungry at all and yet i can’t stop munching on the stupid bag of nacho cheese doritos to my left and sipping on what is probably my fifth soda for the day (dr. pepper! yum!).

sixteen. i want a new job. the other day i went to a staffing agency for assistance and was told they could not help me. when i went to a former manager and asked if i could come work for her, she was oh so reluctant. i suppose i should keep the job i have, yeah? at least i have one.

seventeen. i count on my father. i wish i didn’t do that quite so much as i do.

eighteen. the other day i used the word pervasive correctly in a sentence; i had to ask my mother just to be sure. on the same day i had to look up the spelling for the word rapport; i’d been helping a friend with her resume and had forgotten how to spell it, so i googled repoire (spelled just like that). my friend suggested that maybe if i couldn’t spell the word that perhaps we shouldn’t use it in her resume. but i figured out how to spell it. affect and effect confuse the snot out me on a regular basis. i just thought i’d mention this in case yall were thinking i’m some linguistic genius. i’m not.

nineteen. the last person in my missed calls is geico’s insurance adjuster calling me about phineas.

twenty. i am very bad about overstuffing myself and overindulging. if it’s good, more’s better, right?

twenty-one. my biggest expense right now is going to be phineas’ repairs. he’s really messed up, yall. really messed up. so those following distances they preach about in driver’s education and defensive driving… those really are crucial things.

twenty-two. the texas longhorns’ football program should remain as is (pathetic) forever.

twenty-three. my dad is my hero.

twenty-four. at the moment, i am stuck on needtobreathe’s something beautiful.

hey, now. this is my desire
consume me like a fire
cause i just want
something beautiful
to touch me

twenty-five. i don’t really have a victory dance. if something goes well and i’m that excited about it, i throw my fisted hands up and lock my elbows so that my arms are straight like goal posts on a football field.

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