random quarter

one. i have obsessive compulsive disorder.
two. cleaning my room is a pain in the ass because i can’t just clean it. i have to organize it, which means i could spend a week doing something that would take someone else a few hours.
three. but once in a blue moon, i can say screw it and get it done. after christmas, for example, i put on layaway a four-hundred dollar bookcase i found at a local, pretty upscale furniture store. it took me longer to pay for the thing because i have been unemployed for two months and…
four. i spend money faster than i make it.
five. …i finally get the thing paid off, and it’s delivered friday morning, and all my cds and dvds which have been stored in those cardboard dumps i snagged from the evil empire (my previous place of employment) went, somewhat artfully though not alphabetically, onto the shelves of that bookcase. i’m sitting in bed now, and i can see the thing to my left, out of the corner of my eye…i am not straight! it says. i am not right! i am ignoring this for the time being, because fixing it means i’d have to go through all my cds and download them to itunes and hock the ones to which i no longer listen, and then alphabetize them and then put them all back on the shelf. oh the headache!
six. i get headaches all the time.
seven. i thought if i quit smoking, the headaches would stop.
eight. i hope beastly the movie is better than beastly the book. (it wasn’t, by the way.)
nine. most of the time i feel more like a beast than a beauty.
ten. i don’t understand why an author would think changing the time period of a story would be enough of a change to merit yet another version of it.
eleven. i cannot stand taylor swift.
twelve. and yet, i’ve got love story in my head.
thirteen. i expect chick flicks to be good, and am almost always disappointed because they’re aren’t.

fourteen. chris egan reminds me a little of heath ledger. egan’s much prettier than ledger, and i doubt he could play dark and twisty as well, but…the similarities in their facial structures are pretty remarkable.
fifteen. amanda seyfried annoys me.
sixteen. i rented leap year the other day for a five-day period, because i thought perhaps that would keep me from incurring late fees. i’ve not watched it since the night i rented it. i believe it was due back yesterday.

seventeen. i’m scared of everything.
eighteen. which means i try to control everything.
nineteen. strawberry cake with chocolate icing is the best (which could be why i like groom’s cake ice cream so much).
twenty. i hate shopping for clothes.
twenty-one. almost as much as i hate shopping for shoes.
twenty-two. at first, i thought the lead singer for silversun pickups was a girl. i know. silly me.
twenty-three. if there is a thing i shouldn’t say in a situation, chances are really quite good that i will say it.
twenty-four. having said the thing will most likely cause irreparable damage.
twenty-five. i can’t figure out if i do that on purpose. probably. because of that scared-of-everything thing. but it could also be because of that silly-me thing, too. so, i don’t know.

5 responses to “random quarter”

  1. My house would drive you crazy! I have two teenage boys who just don't see mess!
    You asked about the wagons in the catch pit on my blog. They cleared them until the railway closed, then they left the last ones in there.

  2. I love the randomness of your post!

    I actually like Taylor Swift, but for a while there, I thought my ears would bleed if I heard "you belong to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" one more time.

    Thanks for visiting me on my SITS day last Monday!

  3. You made me laugh. You'd have loved listening to my sister arrange my CD collection. I was sick, and needed one certain Christmas CD that I couldn't find. Oh, I had the case, just not the CD. So a complete search of my collection was underway. You know that thing that happens, when you're taking out one CD to put in another, and then you can't right then find the case, so you put the one you just took out into the one you just put in. Do this for a year and see what happens to your collection…anyway, she was helping me. And picking her own categories. I was thinking alphabetically by artist, but no, she made sections. "Angry Women" (Alanis, etc.) "I sold my soul to mainstream radio so that I could make some money" (Hootie) which was reserved for those bands I'd been supporting since their beginning but had changed their sound to be more marketable. We had a blast. She even created a section to bridge those two, because what are you going to do when an angry women sells out? Where do you put her? Sheesh. Perhaps this should be a post, not a comment…

  4. yeah, i'm not a fan of taylor swift, either. she's all too cute and happy and perky and southern. ugh.

    don't like amanda seyfried either. probably because she has bug eyes. 🙂

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