random quarter

one. i don’t like the psychic network.

two. i took clarinet lessons in sixth grade. or maybe it was fifth. i can’t remember.
three. i hate the clarinet.
four. my first concert was u2’s zooropa tour in kansas city.
five. i think u2 need (needs? i can never remember what sort of verb you use with a collective noun that has a singular vibe) to retire.
six. along with bon jovi. actually, more bon jovi than u2.
seven. i do NOT think harrison ford is sexy. haven’t thought so in any of his films since star wars: episode vi – return of the jedi. didn’t think so when that movie came out, either. i was ten. i thought he was funny. not in a comedic way, but in a that-dude’s-crazy-cool way. now, though, now i’m all about han solo. and he’s still crazy-cool.
eight. luke had nothing on him. well, okay, except the force.
nine. i don’t like flowers in the house because i’d rather they be alive and kicking outside, not dead and wilting inside.
ten. my brothers and i would play ms. pacman on the atari every morning before school. this is one of the few good memories i have of my childhood.
eleven. i read nora roberts’ dream trilogy every year, usually in the spring.
twelve. charles dickens’ our mutual friend is my favorite book. i’ve only read it once. i don’t want to read it again because the memories of reading it are good memories in a time during which my outlook on life was mostly bleak. but when i think of reading that book, i am reminded of what makes me good. i am reminded of what makes life good.
thirteen. i haven’t slept with a man in more months than i’d care to admit here.
fourteen. i went to the bathroom and cried after nearly every class period from fifth grade to tenth.
fifteen. i don’t have any tattoos. i want one. something celtic. but i doubt i will ever get one.
sixteen. i like pringles, hate hostess products, and coke. never pepsi.
seventeen. these items decorate the walls of my room: a painting by my paternal grandmother, a bulletin board covered with papers and pictures of my niece and nephew, a clock my maternal great uncle made, a virginia stroud print my mother gave me, flavia prints my maternal grandmother gave me, a dried sunflower floral arrangement.
eighteen. three best qualities: intelligence, compassion, generosity.

nineteen. three worst: insecurity, temper, laziness.

twenty. three words others have used to describe me: effervescent, bright, inspiring.
twenty-one. three words used to describe my ideal self: independent, successful, content.
twenty-two. three things for which i am often complimented: smile, writing skills, sense of style.
twenty-three. the number of drinks that constitutes my limit: three.
twenty-four. worst physical feature: posture.
twenty-five. best physical feature: smile.

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  1. I played the clarinet…haven't touched it in some time. I liked the ewoks in the star wars movies….they look so soft. I really enjoyed this list of yours. It was like a get to know you better for those who read your blog.

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