random quarter

one. the best gift i’ve given: the other day, a man told me i was beautiful. outside of my family, i’ve never heard a man say that to me.

two. the biggest surprise i encountered this year: that compliment.

three. what makes life fun for me: good company.

four. a perfect day, morning to night, looks like this: good weather, good food, good company… or a day at kyle field, win or lose (but preferably win) during football season. (not that i’ll be in that there stadium any time soon… season tickets are twice as much as they used to be, and now i’m twice as poor.)

five. how would i describe myself: contradictory.

six. my heart’s desire, at this very moment: that the novel i’ve been slaving over for more than a decade will soon find publication.

seven. the dream i’ve had since childhood: that i would belong.

eight. the greatest adventure i’ve had: the summer i toured europe with my cousins.

nine. right now i’m obsessed with: that compliment.

ten. my defining personality traits: bipolar-ness.

eleven. i am most grateful for: my parents.

twelve. my sanctuary: my room, the backroads on a glorious day, kyle field, my uncle’s monastery.

thirteen. in a friend, i look for: humor, patience, compassion, fun.

fourteen. what i love about myself: talent.

fifteen. my personal motto: i don’t have one.

sixteen. what i would tell my younger self: quit fucking around.

seventeen. the best advice i’ve ever been given: write.

eighteen. what i want to spend more time doing: writing.

nineteen. what i hope to do differently this year: get published.

twenty. what motivates me: pithy checking account balances.

twenty-one. what makes me feel alive: music.

twenty-two. what memory i’d love to relieve: passion.

twenty-three. what inspires me: love.

twenty-four. i admire: honesty.

twenty-five. what i’d like to be better at: reading people and trusting them in their absence.

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