random quarter

i snagged this shot (diego velasquez’ arachne) here.

one. i have discovered that pinot grigio’s not such a bad thing. and my lovely pappadeaux’s barstaff probably like me a little bit better for ordering a glass of that rather than the martini–it costs a little more and is easier to fix. and one glass works wonders. everybody’s happy.

two. i am not so eager to watch aggie football this season. mr. manziel and mr. miller… i’m kind of ashamed of yall. no. not kind of. i am. you’re making my boys look bad. you’re making people think bad things about the fine institution that is texas a&m university. i am unthrilled.

three. i have read twenty-seven new books this year. my friend swissy has given me several to peruse. i checked out a bunch at the library last night. i kind of figured reading a hundred books wouldn’t be that hard, given that i read so much. but i’m struggling to find titles that interest me. suggestions are supremely welcome.

four. i didn’t see man of steel. but apparently one of my little brother’s friends was an extra in it or something. and one of my friend’s posted a trailer to the sequel on her facebook page, and so now i’m kind of curious. should i bother?

five. i can never remember, when i go to buy more pens, if i like the five-tenths or the seventh-tenths. i bought a batch of the fives the other day. i do not like them.

six. sometimes being single really, really sucks. i should be used to this by now. but every now and then, it kinda knocks me on my ass. it did this last night. and the older i get, more effort’s required to right myself or whatever.

seven. i really wanna go back to london. like. now.

eight. some chick just asked her server for a side of simple syrup. i’m a little awed by some of these customer requests.

nine. i’m irritated. i hadn’t renewed my membership on the stupid dating website, because really, i’m never that impressed with it. but i got four emails in matter of days (and i never really get that much notice on there… i’m forty, and i don’t live in houston proper), and so, against my friends’ advice, i stupidly forked over the funds to see who these dudes were. and they’re just like all the other dudes on there. i am such a goddamned romantic sucker. ugh. so gullible. so stupid. so when it expires, i am definitely disappearing from that corner of the world. and to my friends who counseled against it, no saying i told you so. i’m already saying that to myself.

ten. one of the bussers thinks a prius is a sports car. i weep for the next generation.

eleven. there’s baseball on every television screen. yay. usually, i look to the screen when i’m in need of distraction. at least it’s red sox. that makes it a little better.

twelve. i’m very, very tired of working retail. i’m very, very tired of not being able to polish off these last few scenes. i’m very, very, VERY tired of being tired of this crap. so if you’re the praying sort, i need some inspiration, some luck and some faith.

thirteen. i don’t like beer.

fourteen. the last time i got a sinus infection, i toughed it out without going to the doctor, and for the first time in more than a decade, that actually worked. in the past, thanks to smoking, sinus infections always turned into bronchitis. and i’d wait a couple of weeks, and it wouldn’t get better so i’d finally go and get my shots and my drugs, and in a week or so, i’d feel better. but this time (mostly because i didn’t feel like paying eighty bucks for a shot and some drugs), i didn’t go. (this was a couple months ago, wen i complained of sounding like the aflac duck.) and you know, what? i got better. it was actually kind of cool.

fifteen. i’ve never smoked pot. once upon a time there were a ton of things i’d said i would never do. this was one of them. but of course, i got older and weaker, and the list of things i swore i would never do has gotten to be quite short. but that one’s still on there.

sixteen. i’ve had more adult beverages in this year than i’ve had in my life. this could be why i weigh more now than i’ve ever weighed in my life.

seventeen. i’ve never been to a casino, either. but this isn’t on the short list of never-dos.

eighteen. there’s some movie coming out where sandra bullock’s adrift in outerspace. i marvel at the things hollywood comes up with nowadays. whatever happened to a good, old fashioned love story?

nineteen. so. greek mythology. one of the shuckers suggested i talk about that. and i do love it. one of my favorite myths is about arachne, a proud and vain woman who boasted that she could weave better than athena, who overheard her bragging and challenged her to a duel of sorts. each were to weave a tapestry to see who was better. arachne wove one that depicted all the horrible things the gods had done. athena’s showed all of the good things. athena won. she turned arachne into a spider. still capable of weaving, but nothing with any permanence. the shucker could only name three of the twelve gods and goddesses: zeus, poseidon, hades, apollo, ares, hephaestus, hera, athena, aphrodite, artemis and demeter. normally i could rattle all of them off without having to google it, but i couldn’t remember if hermes was the sixth of the male gods or if it was dionysus (some would say he was more important than hermes. i would agree, but then, communication should trump inebriation, i guess.), and i’d neglected to include demeter. which is odd to me, because i also like the story about how hades took persephone as his wife and how demeter coped with her daughter’s absence.

twenty. i’m usually pretty vigilant about checking the ingredients of things like lotions and conditioners. and detanglers. but today, i was in a hurry to get ready for work and borrowed the detangler my mom bought for the twinkies when we have them over. and got a rash on my face and neck because of it. also my left eye’s been irritated with me all day. all because i didn’t want to yank half my hair out brushing it after my shower.

twenty-one. i kind of like bowties. but maybe this is because i spend too much time at pappadeaux’s.

twenty-two. i get really tired of eating at the same restaurants. and it’s not like this area is without a selection. but i’m almost always going for sandwiches, seafood, salads or pasta.

twenty-three. i kind of want to give up my cell phone. but then, the moment i kill the service is the moment i’d start to really need it, i guess.

twenty-four. i haven’t felt determined to do anything in months, which could be why i’m barely a fourth of the way toward accomplishing my reading goal and fourteen pages away from accomplishing my writing goal and why my life is, for the most part, in an utter state of chaos. i know better. i do.

twenty-five. all i had to eat today was a bowl of corn pops, some strawberries, some bread and a dinner salad. breakfast and dinner. i was doing really good about eating more regularly throughout the day. and i know better than to do this, too.

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  1. See Man of Steel. It was good. and they haven't started filming the next one yet (it's set for 2014) so that trailer is a fraud.

  2. Giving up martinis? And I don't know anywhere that a martini is LESS than a glass of wine…would love to join you.
    Sorry you're feeling down. I've been in the same boat for a while…hard to accomplish anything.
    Glad you ditched the sinus crap – good for you!
    My cousin met her husband on eHarmony…
    Tina @ Life is Good

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