one day

why i wanted to read it: because i LOVED the movie. because it’s a beautiful story about emma and dexter. because usually books are better.

what i liked: SO many things.

she plucked the cigarette from his mouth. “i can imagine you at forty,” she said, a hint of malice in her voice. “i can picture it right now… you’re a big man in a small car with a tan like a basted turkey.”

“so shall we change the subject, then?” (p. 6).

“so if i’m so awful–” his hand was on her hip now.

“–which you are.”

“then why are you sleeping with me?” his hand was on the warm soft flesh of her thigh.

“actually, i don’t think i have slept with you, have i?” (p. 7).

“what are you doing later?”

tell her that you’re busy. “nothing much,” he said.

“so, shall we do something then? me and you, i mean?”

wait ’til she’s asleep then sneak away. “yeah. alright,” he said. “let’s do something,” (p. 13).

(in a letter from dexter, in which he asks her to come to india) have a look around and at precisely twelve midday you stand directly under the centre of the dome with a red rose in one hand and a copy of nicholas nickleby in the other and i will come and find you, em. i will be carrying a white rose and my copy of howard’s end and when i see you i will throw it at your head (p. 47).

“what’s up with you?” said emma, without looking up from dostoevsky’s the idiot.

“i can’t get into it.”

“it’s a masterpiece.”

“makes my head hurt.”

“i should have got something with pictures or flaps.”

“oh, i am enjoying it–“

“very hungry caterpillar or something–“

“i’m just finding it a bit dense. it’s just this bloke banging on about how horny he is all the time.”

“i thought it would strike a chord.” she raised her sunglasses. “it’s a very erotic book, dex.”

“only if you’re into little girls.”

“tell me one more time, why were you sacked from that language school in rome?” (p. 75).

(in a conversion with his ex-wife) “we do all love you, dexter.”

“no reason why you should,” he mumbles, embarrassed.

“no, maybe not. but we do” (p. 407).

what sucked: the length. the last fifty pages or so dragged a bit. but the last few pages made up for that.

having said all that: of the handful of books i’ve read lately, i’ve liked it the best. SO good.

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  1. I use to love reading and could never put down a book.. then college happened and I no longer had time for reading my kind of books. now that i'm done i want to start reading again. i'll definitely add this one to the list, any other suggestions?

    happy to be following along now! would love if you stopped by mine 🙂


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