my kabuki

today’s tunes are brought to you by the eagles, third eye blind, three doors down, hootie and the blowfish and garth brooks.

mama says this one reminds her of you.

these things that are pleasing you
can hurt you somehow…
now it seems to me some fine things

have been layed upon your table
but you only want the ones
that you can’t get…
your prison is walking
through this world all alone
don’t your feet get cold in the wintertime
the sky won’t snow, and the sun won’t shine
it’s hard to tell the nighttime from the day…
come down from your fences
let somebody love you
before it’s too late

it was a four-hour drive from my apartment to the folks’ house. this was on repeat the whole way home.

the god of wine
there’s another chip you haven’t spent
and you’re cashing them all in…
the alchohol, it permeates
and soon the cells give way
and cancels out the day…
every glamourous sunrise
throws the planets out of line
a star sign out of whack
a fraudulent zodiac…
you let me down

and since you’ve left us, every time i hear here without you, i think of you. i heard it at one this morning. as if i needed the reminder.

at three a.m. when the cops were calling mom and dad, i was in my apartment cleaning out my cds and came across this one.

not even the trees
someone please talk to me
cause i feel you cry
and you’re sitting with him
and i know i’ll never see you again…
and i wanna know if it’s true
when he looks at me, won’t you tell me
does he realize the pain i’m in
he took you too soon
and now my days are short
and my nights are long…
and it makes me wonder
as i sit and stare
will i see your face again
tell me, do you care…
and right now i just can’t see
cause i’m feeling weak
and my soul begins to bleed
and no one’s listening to me
not even the trees

mama says this one makes her think of you, too. it makes me think of her thinking of you.

i spent the morning thinking
about the ones the wolves pulled down…
lord, please shine a light of hope
on those of us who fall behind
and when we stumble…
could you help us up while there’s still time…
i don’t mean to be complaining, lord
you always see me through
and i know you’ve got your reasons
for each and everything you do
but tonight outside my window
there’s a lonesome mournful sound
and i just can’t keep from thinking
about the ones the wolves pull down

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