motion picture monday

one. about a boy.
released: 2002.
starring: hugh grant, rachel weisz, toni collette.
what makes it awesome: i really liked hugh grant’s character in this movie. and the story’s good.

two. the devil wears prada.
released: 2006.
starring: meryl streep, anne hathaway, stanley tucci.
what makes it awesome: meryl streep and stanley tucci.

three. he’s just not that into you.
released: 2009.
starring: jennifer aniston, jennifer connelly, bradley cooper.
what makes it awesome: over all, it’s not. but there are scenes, usually those involving jennifer aniston’s and jennifer connelly’s characters that i love.

four. hitch.
released: 2005.
starring: will smith, kevin james, eva mendes.
what makes it awesome: kevin james.

five. my cousin vinny.
released: 1992.
starring: joe pesci, marisa tomei, lane smith.
what makes it awesome: joe pesci’s finest work. also marisa tomei does good, too.

six. steel magnolias.
released: 1989.
starring: sally field, julia roberts, tom skerritt.
what makes it awesome: the cast, especially sally field–best ensemble in a film EVER. and the script is flawless.

seven. trainwreck.
released: 2015.
starring: amy schumer, bill hader, lebron james.
what makes it awesome: i have never loved a judd apatow film until this one. yes, it’s hilarious. but it’s got so much heart, too.

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  1. The only one of these I haven't seen is Trainwreck. I was shocked the other day when my boyfriend said he actually wants to see it, so I'm going to try to jump on that before he loses interest.

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