motion picture monday

one. deadpool.
released: 2016.
starring: ryan reynolds, morena baccarin, ed skrein.
what makes it awesome: the first time i watched it, i did not think it was awesome. i enjoyed reynolds’ and baccarin’s performances, but i thought the story was stupid. and then i watched it again. and yeah, on the whole story is stupid, but there are parts of it that are REALLY good, and the dialogue is pretty damned badass.

two. deep water horizon.
released: 2016.
starring: mark wahlberg, kate hudson, kurt russell, john malkovich.
what makes it awesome: a friend of mine who works in the oil industry couldn’t watch this one. he’d bought the ticket and stayed for as long as he could, but at some point it was too much for him to see. i wept on several occasions. i wanted to gut punch malkovich’s character on SEVERAL occasions. visually, it’s very well-done.

three. eighty-four charing cross road.
released: 1987.
starring: anne bancroft, anthony hopkins, judi dench.
what makes it awesome: anne bancroft, anthony hopkins, judi dench. the fact that it’s based on a remarkable, true story. i’m in awe of the friendships these characters forged through their correspondence.

four. fantastic beasts and where to find them.
released: 2016.

starring: eddie redmayne, colin farrell, katherine waterston, ezra miller, samantha morton.

what makes it awesome: magic. i’m so excited rowling’s brought her magic back to the theaters. it’s a beautiful film, fun at times, somewhat frightening at others. it’s long, but i didn’t mind that.

five. hacksaw ridge.
released: 2016.
starring: andrew garfield, vince vaughn, sam worthington, luke bracey, rachel griffiths, hugo weaving.
what makes it awesome: the story. dear god, the story. the strength of character. and hugo weaving does, i think, his finest work here.

six. joy.
released: 2015.
starring: jennifer lawrence, bradley cooper, robert deniro, diane ladd, virginia madsen, isabella rosselini, elisabeth rohm.
what makes it awesome: the trailers do this film no justice. when i first saw them, i thought, oh great the cast of silver linings playbook united again. this film seemed to have that same kind of quality as the other, and maybe it does, but i don’t mind it here. in fact, i’m kind of in awe of joy’s determination and brain power.

seven. loving.
released: 2016.
starring: joel edgerton, ruth negga, marton csokas, nick kroll, michael shannon.
what makes it awesome: the strength of these characters. the quietness of richard loving. the kindness of mildred loving. their tenacity. this interview. if you only pick one movie on this list to see, pick this one.

eight. the martian.
released: 2015.
starring: matt damon, jessica chastain, kristen wiig, jeff daniels, michael pena, sean bean, kate mara, chiwetel ejiofor.
what makes it awesome: matt damon’s character. the story’s silly. but if you can get past that, it’s entertaining.

nine. remember the titans.
released: 2000.
starring: denzel washington, will patton, ryan hurst, donald faison, ethan suplee, kip pardue, hayden panettiere, kate bosworth, ryan gosling. 
what makes it awesome: the way this team comes together when the world can’t stomach the thought of that. this is probably one people should revisit right about now.

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  1. For a Texan, you sure are soft.

    I thought 84 Charing Cross Road could have been a lot better than it was.

    Remember the Titans was corny, but it had some funny moments. Like when the other high school's coach was trying to recruit the blonde QB.
    OMG. They're mixing.
    That's where I'll send him then.

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