motion picture monday

one. less than zero.
released: 1987.
starring: robert downey, jr., andrew mccarthy, james spader.
what makes it awesome: rdj’s performance is haunting.
two. heart and souls.
released: 1993.
starring: rdj, tom sizemore, kyra sedgwick.
what makes it awesome: it’s kind of silly. and every now and then you need a silly, and sweet, movie in your life.
three. only you.
released: 1994.
starring: rdj, marisa tomei, bonnie hunt.
what makes it awesome: also silly and sweet. and he’s especially adorable here.
four. iron man.
released: 2008.
starring: rdj, jeff bridges, terrence howard.
what makes it awesome: rdj. no one could do tony stark better than this dude.
five. sherlock holmes.
released: 2009.
starring: rdj, jude law, rachel mcadams.
what makes it awesome: rdj as sherlock and law as watson.
six. the avengers.
released: 2012.
starring: rdj, chris hemsworth, jeremy renner.
what makes it awesome: the a handful of hot men with mad, mad skills.
seven. the judge.
released: 2014.
starring: rdj, robert duvall, billy bob thornton.
what makes it awesome: the story. and rdj, of course.

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