motion picture monday

one. robin hood: prince of thieves.

released: 1991.
starring: alan rickman, kevin costner, morgan freeman.
what makes it awesome: alan and morgan.

two. sense and sensibility.
released: 1995.
starring: alan rickman, kate winslet, emma thompson.
what makes it awesome: alan, kate and emma.

three. die hard.

released: 1998.
starring: alan rickman, reginald veljohnson, bruce willis.
what makes it awesome: alan.

four. dogma.

released: 1999.
starring: alan rickman, ben affleck, matt damon.
what makes it awesome: matt… and jay and silent bob.

five. love actually.
released: 2003.
starring: alan rickman, bill nighy, emma thompson.
what makes it awesome: the film isn’t awesome. it’s one of those silly ones. but it has moments of sheer brilliance worthy of attention, most of which involve emma and bill. also the music’s pretty.

six. harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban.
released: 2004.
starring: alan rickman, david thewlis, gary oldman.
what makes it awesome: alan and gary… and fred and george… and that map.

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