motion picture monday

one. charlotte gray
released: 2001.
starring: cate blanchett, billy crudup, michael gambon.
what makes it awesome: cate blanchett. and it’s a beautiful story.
two. full metal jacket.
released: 1987.
starring: mathew modine, vincent d’onofrio, r. lee ermey.
what makes it awesome: r. lee ermey. 
three. the great raid.
released: 2005.
starring: benjamin bratt, joseph fiennes, connie nielsen.
what makes it awesome: this film is beautiful. i remember watching it in the theater and wishing i could have prints of some of the scenes the cinematography was so stunning. the story is miraculous in so many ways: it’s about the largest u.s. military rescue effort in its history. it’s long at times, but so, so worth watching. i loved the story of connie nielsen’s and joseph fiennes’ characters. and i loved seeing how awesome our military can be. 
four. incendies.
released: 2010
starring: lubna azabal, melissa desormeaux-poulin, maxim gaudette.
what makes it awesome:the story. it’s haunting and horrific and shocking and so beautifully told. it’s a foreign film, and i don’t usually watch those, but this one… it’s amazing.
five. the last samurai.
released: 2003.
starring: tom cruise, ken watanabe, tony goldwyn.
what makes it awesome: ken watanabe. the music. the cinematography.
six. master and commander: the far side of the world.
released: 2003.
starring: russell crowe, paul bettany, billy boyd.
what makes it awesome: paul bettany. and the ending’s pretty nifty.
seven. saving private ryan.
released: 1998.
starring: tom hanks, tom sizemore, edward burns.
what makes it awesome: it hooked me from the beginning. i loved every actor’s performance in this film. also a good tribute to what makes our military great.

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