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today, i’d like to introduce to you a fellow blogger named tina, and she’s been a loyal picky reader for a very long time. what i love best about her is she gives some great insight, some wonderful perspective. she writes some pretty nifty stuff…

Maybe you’ve been wondering about that badge in the sidebar with the sunflower and the flamingo and thinking, “Who is that?” Hi! It’s me! Tina @ Life is Good. I thought I’d introduce myself and entice (Force? Bribe?) you to come visit me. I’ll tell you a little about myself, and include links to some posts that will continue to tell my story.

I’m a writer who’s been blogging since 2009. I’m also a wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, Bruce Springsteen fan, word AND math nerd, former math and English teacher, former office manager/HR department head, currently a stay-at-home mom working on my first novel. It’s a sci-fi/thriller.

I am also one of the co-hosts of the worldwide April Blogging from A-Z Challenge and help run the blog we share year round. It’s a blast, and I’ve met so many great people. I encourage you to check it out and consider joining us. You’ve got plenty of time to plan…

I was born in Sweden to an American mom and a Swedish dad. We lived there until I was nine when we moved to Silver Spring, MD. In April of 2012 I wrote my A-Z Challenge posts about my childhood in Sweden and taught a word of Swedish a day. For this April’s Challenge I wrote posts about my first year as an immigrant to America. All of those have corny and embarrassing pictures of me as a child. Enjoy.

I married my high school sweetheart after dating nine years. He’s The Engineer, and is a mad inventor (see The Engineer Grows Food: Aquaponics). I’ve got two boys, 13 and 16. The oldest I call The Transporter because he has his permit and drives me everywhere. He’s into video games and programming and living in his room, making occasional appearances for food. The youngest is OYT (for Our Youngest Teen, which I think is a boring nickname, but he picked it). He’s into RC cars, video games like Minecraft. They started as 11th and 8thgraders on Friday.

I keep busy year-round because we are The House where all the friends gather. We’ve been here 13 years, and most of the boys who lived here when we moved in–a total of 7–still live here. Now that The Transporter has friends who drive, lots of non-neighbors come too. I love it. I know who my kids’ friends are and what everyone is doing. I do buy a lot of groceries, but it’s worth it. The kids actually clean up after themselves, and when they order pizza (on their own dime) during a marathon gaming session, I usually get a piece.

The other thing you should know about me is that I’m a total klutz, completely accident prone and, as OYT likes to say, a medical apocalypse. So WHEN you come visit, you could start with my “about me” tab which has some revealing info, and then just go at my search box with “medical” or “accident” or “embarrassing” and you’ll be entertained (at my expense) for hours…

Thanks jenn for letting me hog your blog today!


that gal’s a tough cookie. get to know her, yall. you’ll be glad you did.

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  1. Hi Tina! Great to meet you! I hopped over to your blog for just a moment, but don't have time to leave a comment tonight. I'll definitely be back, and be your new follower….because…..You had me at klutz!!
    Thanks, Jenn for introducing me to Tina!

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