it only took eleven years… a letter to my brother

but i think i’ll be okay tomorrow. i think i’ve gotten used to this grief thing. of course, the past few years, the folks have left in the wee, wee hours of the morning, flown to colorado, to your grave. to sit on the concrete bench that is your headstone, sip their coffee and chat with you, like you’re still here.

it only really sucks, now, when i think too long about it.

all day today, i wondered where the whammy was. in the past, on the day before, the dread takes the day to creep up on me, so that by the time midnight closes in, all i can think of is you.

but today, this morning, the bitch of a migraine i got seconds after i woke consumed my thoughts. four episodes of the west wing, three advil, a long, hot shower and a giant coca-cola on ice later, the pain receded to a dull ache.

i ran some errands. i edited. i ate.

and now i’m sitting here, at this bar with all these people. and i think i’m alright now. i think tomorrow might just be a day.

then again, the folks’ll be here this time around. so i guess my okay tomorrow will depend on what i see when i wake up. on whether they’ll be okay.

but for right now, i don’t miss you all that much. i think i’ve gotten used to this.

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  1. P.S. I don't know if I ever told you about my oldest sister dying many years ago….way too much to tell you in a comment….but I can at least, maybe understand ….

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