if i stay

why i wanted to read it: because it comes before where she went. i should’ve read this one first. i would have, except when i sought out more of ms. forman’s works, i only saw the second. i could’ve looked harder. but i wasn’t feeling like hunting.

what i liked: unlike the other, where the sentences appealed more than the story did, in this novel, i wasn’t quite as touched by the word choices. but the story is sweeter.

remembering adam would be like losing him all over again, and i’m not sure that i can bear that on top of everything else (p. 181).

i’m feeling not just the physical pain, but all that i have lost, and it is profound and catastrophic and will leave a crater in me that nothing will ever fill (p. 195).

there were a few others here and there, but none so strong that i felt compelled to mark the page so that i could put them here.

then again, i showed yall quite a few from the second book, and maybe i’m just not feeling as generous this time around.

what sucked: there’s a spot where the story sort of lulls, but that’s all i’ve got, really.

having said all that: of the three forman books i’ve read, i like this one the best. also, i’m glad i read adam’s tale first. makes me like him more here for having done that. makes me like mia more, too.

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