i see you everywhere

why i wanted to read it: i liked the title. i liked the cover art. i liked that it was about two siblings, two sisters–louisa and clement (what a cool name for a gal!). i liked that it spanned more than two decades. i liked that it was free–an advanced reader’s copy i’d snagged of the barnes & noble booksellers’ breakroom table while at work one day.

what i liked: i can’t give you quotes on this one because my copy isn’t a final copy, isn’t the technical, printed word, the one that everyone gets to read, and i’m instructed on the back of the book that quoting it isn’t allowed. so… i liked that it’s told in story arcs, really, rather than chapters. long arcs, and sometimes the point of view hops back and forth along that trajectory from one sister to the other–first lou’s version, then clem’s. or it’s told from entirely one perspective. i liked that here and there, there’s poetry. for the most part, i liked the characters. i liked that it made me miss my mother’s side of the family, made me long to know my great aunts and uncles a little better. that it moved me.

what sucked: that it dragged in places. that it made me miss my family. that it made me cry. repeatedly. i hadn’t expected that. hadn’t wanted it. and i’m a little annoyed, still, that it did so.

having said all that: it’s incredibly rare that a book makes me cry. and for this reason, i must recognize it as a good one. worth reading, even though it affected me in such a way.

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