i miss my puppy

his name was nicholas.

and he really belonged to my older brother, but when jon brought nick to live with us, i kind of claimed him as my own. 
nick was a french mastiff. also known as a dog de bordeaux. this particular breed was featured in the film turner and hooch.
hip dysplasia is a common ailment in dogs like nick. it got to be so bad that he he couldn’t walk. couldn’t get up. and eventually, we had to let him go. and this was more than a decade ago. but even now, sometimes i find myself being a little too cautious at night when opening the patio door, because he used to sleep butted up against it.
yesterday, one of my friends (thank you, minn) emailed me a link for this video:

i miss my nickel.

he was pretty nifty.
he would shred towels. and our backyard? he tore up the gardening. not because he didn’t like it, but because he wanted to sleep in a particular spot (and it was rarely the same spot). he’d leave giant shoelaces of slobber over everything. and when he got out, we’d panic because big dogs like him tend to get pretty volatile and threatening around other dogs.
but oh, he was funny. and fun. 

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  1. I miss my Riley. We got her when I couldn't get pregnant. Pound puppy. Part lab, lots of other parts. Looked like a tall, skinny lab with long legs. She was fast. And funny. Caramel and white, lovable and sweet. Got run over by a landscaping truck when The Transporter, 16, was 2. He had to see it…and talked about it a lot. Broke my heart.
    Tina @ Life is Good

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