hiking in hay

this was a good afternoon. this was me hiking up a fairly steep hill to get to this spot on the way to hay’s bluff which is near the town of hay-on-wye in wales. this was me traipsing about in a field covered in sheep shit to get to this spot. those little brown specks you see near the bottom? yeah, that. this was me in the chilly, windy, welsh afternoon underneath a fabulous sky overlooking a fabulous countryside.

the first picture gets bigger if you click on it. the second one doesn’t. sorry for that.

that scene in the 2005 version of pride and prejudice during which elizabeth bennett is standing on the cliff reveling in the warmth and the wind, this was my version of that moment.

yeah, i know. i’m not on a cliff. i did mention the hill was steep, right? i was almost there, and i could’ve gone on, but i had to pee. i wasn’t sure if i went on that i would make it back without certain events transpiring.

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