fuck yeah survey: food

one. how do you feel about golden oreos? meh.
two. what is your favorite dessert topping? cool whip.
three. what is your favorite flavor/brand of bubble gum? super bubble.
four. favorite cheese? kraft american.
five. favorite lunch meat? turkey.
six. favorite ice cream flavor? chocolate.
seven. best-looking food? chicken spaghetti.
eight. best food to put cheese on? bread.
nine. best sexual food? i don’t have that kind of an imagination, yall, and i’m alright with this.
ten. best-tasting drink in the summer? coca-cola.
eleven. best-tasting drink in winter? hot chocolate.
twelve. best food for a night out with friends? a variety of appetizers. finger foods. fried things.
thirteen. best foods to eat with a roll? luby’s fried fish, macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes.
fourteen. messiest food? barbecue.
fifteen. easiest food to prepare? bagels.
sixteen. cheapest food you ever ate? ramen.
seventeen. most expensive food you ever ate? stuffed flounder.
eighteen. stinkiest food you ever ate? oysters.
nineteen. favorite dipping sauce? chic-fil-a.
twenty. best pizza topping? hamburger and bell peppers.
twenty-one. favorite potato chip flavor? regular lay’s or ruffles potato chips.
twenty-two. most toxic substance you ever ate? glue.
twenty-three. most calories you ate in one meal? gino’s pizza. i don’t remember how much but it was A LOT.
twenty-four. favorite soda? coca-cola.
twenty-five. favorite flavor of juice? cranberry (probably because i like the coca-cola a little too much, and subconsciously my body is saying bitch, please.)
twenty-six. favorite vegetable? green beans.
twenty-seven. favorite fruit? blackberries.
twenty-eight. worst canned food? spam.
twenty-nine. best side dish? macaroni and cheese.
thirty. worst fast food restaurant? long john silver’s.
thirty-one. best restaurant? the republic grille. (yall probably thought i was gonna say pappadeaux’s, didn’t you?)
thirty-two. best-smelling food? blueberry muffins.
thirty-three. favorite appetizer? cheese and crackers.
thirty-four. favorite cookie flavor? ranger cookies
thirty-five. favorite cake flavor? chocolate.
thirty-six. favorite pie flavor? blueberry banana cream pie.
thirty-seven. chocolate or rainbow sprinkles? rainbow.
thirty-eight. ketchup or mustard? ketchup.
thirty-nine. best food to have on a date? the kind that i don’t get all over my face.
forty. most shareable food? cookies.
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