fourteen things to celebrate in may: a scavenger hunt

one. may third. two different-colored shoes day. wear shoes that don’t match for the entirety of your day.

two. may fourth. star wars day. may the fourth be with you. wear a star wars shirt if you’ve got one. share four of your favorite lines from the films.

three. may fifth. national cartoonists day. share a favored comic.

four. also may fifth. totally chipotle day. treat yourself to a burrito. (and yeah, it’s cinco de mayo, too. i know. so if you wanna have a margarita with that, go right ahead.)

five. may tenth. clean up your room day. seriously. CLEAN IT. get rid of all the shit. donate the things you don’t need, if you can, and trash the rest. that place should be a haven not a dump (like mine usually is).

six. may twelfth. national spouse military appreciation day. send notes to those who have husbands and wives serving in our military, whether those serving are active or not, home or abroad. thank them for what they do, too.

seven. also may twelfth. national limerick day. write one. YES, that’s what i said. haikus are a hell of lot easier, now, right? you’re wishing you’d done that one last month. limerick. write it, and then share one you love.

eight. may fifteenth. national chocolate chip cookie day. bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies from scratch…

nine. may twenty-first. national waitstaff day. …and take the cookies to the servers at your favorite restaurant. since these things don’t have to be done on their specific day, can i recommend this be done on mother’s day? that is the WORST day of the year for them. if you wanna be extra awesome, give them handwritten notes to let them know how awesome and how loved they are.

ten. may twenty-third. national lucky penny day. get a roll of pennies. throughout your day, leave one here and there and everywhere, face up for others to find. give them some good luck.

eleven. may twenty-fourth. national scavenger hunt day. yeah. here’s your scavenger hunt, folks. go to town. if you’re not feeling this one, do one of the previous ones. ain’t no law against that.

twelve. also may twenty-fourth. brothers day. if you’ve got one, do something nice for the idiot.

thirteen. may twenty-fifth. red nose day. get you one. i saw a passel of’m at walgreen’s. wear that thing all day long and with much pride.

fourteen. also may twenty-fifth. national wine day. get a group of friends together. share a bottle.

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