forty-three… one for every year of me

i was digging through audrey louise’s blog for a particular post and came across one from august (way to miss that one, eh? i miss a lot of things, but that’s because i’m REALLY bad about looking) entitled forty-three rando-s. it’s just a list of questions, and yall know how i love that shit, so…

do you like bleu cheese? i’m gonna say no, but i can’t do so with sheer confidence, because it’s cheese, which is my second favorite food group, and i’m sure i’ve eaten that stuff and not minded doing so…
have you ever smoked? YES. sometimes as much as three packs a day. but i’ve not done so since june twenty-fourth of ‘seven, so… yay.
do you own a gun? no. never will.
what is your favorite flavor? red and white peonies.
do you get nervous before doctor visits? yes. i’ve spent one too many days in doctors’ offices. in clinics. i hate being in them.
what do you think of hot dogs? blech… until i eat one, and then i’m like this is pretty good, actually, so long as i don’t think about how it’s made.
favorite movie? i have to pick one? fuck. i’m gonna go with dedication. i love how unconventional it is. i love the dialogue. i like pretty much every performance by the cast, even mandy moore’s.
what do you prefer to drink in the morning? something cold, carbonated and caffeinated. typically coca-cola or dr. pepper.
do you do push ups? no.
what’s your favorite piece of jewelry? i bought a london blue topaz ring a couple of years ago. i wear it to remind me of things i’ve lost and how careful i need to be. but also, i’m very fond of the color.
favorite hobby? watching films.
do you have attention deficit disorder? nope.
what’s the one thing you dislike about yourself? that i’m capable of having sheer disregard for others’ well-being and interests.
what is your middle name? kristin.
name three thoughts at this moment: i need to shower and get dressed and apply for some jobs today; i need to get this fucking story finished; i need to thoroughly clean my room.
name three drinks you drink regularly: coca-cola, dr. pepper, unsweetened iced tea.
current worry? that i’m never going to find work i love.
current annoyance right now? it’s cold in this house.
favorite place to be? london.
how do you ring in the new year? watching films.
where would you like to go? london.
do you own slippers? no.
what color shirt are you wearing right now? maroon.
do you like sleeping on satin sheets? never done so. i prefer flannel.
can you whistle? no
what are your favorite colors? green, maroon, navy.
would you be a pirate? no.
what songs do you sing in the shower? whatever’s in my head in that moment.
favorite girl’s name? were i to have had a daughter, she would’ve been called griffin antonia.
favorite boy’s name? he would’ve been called either jonathan lucas or matthew nathaniel.
what’s in your pocket right now? nothing.
last thing that made you laugh? no idea.
best toy as a child? i was fondest of coloring books and crayolas. also fisher price’s little people.
worst injury you ever had? fractured collar bone.
where would you love to live? london.
how many televisions do you have? one.
who is your loudest friend? probably traci.
does someone trust you? i don’t know.
what book are you reading at the moment? nothing’s captured my attention so well as to inspire me to finish it.
what’s your favorite candy? smarties.
what’s your favorite sports team? the green bay packers, though it’s killing me to watch their games this year.
favorite month of the year? november.

6 responses to “forty-three… one for every year of me”

  1. Now I have to go back and see what I answered… I can't remember. Yay for not smoking for so long!

    To answer your comment!! I'm not on FB at the moment and I am ROYALLY sucking at the movie challenge 🙁 I've only watched one on my list: The American President. I will try to check a few more off this month!!

  2. I don't think you answered #4 correctly.

    Looks like your imaginary daughter made out better than your imaginary son. (Willa Cather?)

    A lot of London in this post. Is this pre- or post-Brexit?

  3. Well, now I have to do this too.
    Since you fondly remember coloring books and crayons, have you jumped into the notion that adult coloring books are supposed to be calming and relaxing?
    I actually knew a lot of these, which made me happy, because we're like real friends, aren't we? :p

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