five things

five pieces of music often stuck in my head
one. michael convertino’s score for the film bed of roses

two. gabriel yared’s score for the film city of angels

three. james horner’s score for the film swing kids

four. rachel portman’s score for the film one day.

five. rachel portman’s score for the film chocolat.

five favorite concerts

one. tori amos at the cynthia woods mitchell pavilion, the woodlands.
two. the airborne toxic event at house of blues, houston.
three. jonny lang and beth hart at revention center, houston.
four. u2 at arrowhead stadium, kansas city.
five. korn and staind at kemper arena, kansas city.

five favorite albums

one. the airborne toxic event by the airborne toxic event.
two. the joshua tree by u2.
three. violator by depeche mode.
four. ten by pearl jam.
five. little earthquakes by tori amos.

five favorite male vocalists

one. chris cornell.
two. eddie vedder.
three. joe elliott.
four. geoff tate.
five. todd park mohr.

five favorite female vocalists

one. beth hart.
two. johnette napolitano.
three. tori amos.
four. shakira.
five. beth gibbons.

five favorite bassists

one. michael “flea” balzary.
two. reginald “fieldy arvizu.
three. les claypool.
four. jeff ament.
five. cliff burton.

five favorite guitarists

one. jimi hendrix.
two. eddie van halen.
three.  stevie ray vaughan.
four. joe perry.
five. kirk hammett.

five favorite drummers

one. alex van halen.
two. lars ulrich.
three. tommy lee.
four. chad smith.
five. matt chamberlain.

five favorite songs

one. with or without you by u2.
two. faithfully by journey.
three. anna begins by counting crows.
four. stand inside your love by smashing pumpkins.
five. crash into me by dave matthews band.

five signs i’ve seen recently
one. have faith.
two. believe there is good in the world.
three. whatever you do, take pride.
four. never doubt that you are loved.
five. to dream of the person you wish to be is to waste the person you are.

five stories i reread regularly

one. lovers and dreamers by nora roberts.
two. irish born by nora roberts.
three. landline by rainbow rowell.
four. eleanor and park by rainbow rowell.
five. right before your eyes by ellen shanman.

five characters whose personalities mirror mine
one. miss brill in katherine mansfield’s short story of the same name.
two. liza weiler in ellen shanman’s right before your eyes.
three. kate powell in nora roberts’ holding the dream.
four. celia rae foote in kathryn stockett’s the help (though the packaging’s more like skeeter phelan’s).
five. victoria jones in vanessa diffenbaugh’s the language of flowers.

five favorite films

one. star wars: episode v – the empire strikes back.
two. the lord of the rings: the return of the king.
three. star trek.
four. serenity.
five. steel magnolias.

five television programs i drop everything to watch

one. game of thrones.
two. this is us.
three. lethal weapon.
four. monday night football.
five. sunday night football.

it’s not a great idea to get stuck on game of thrones, by the way. lots of really, REALLY bad shit happens on that show.

check out erin’s list of five things.
she got the idea from heather.

One response to “five things”

  1. Concerts:
    U2 – Arco Arena – Sacramento
    Eric Clapton – Shoreline Amphitheater – Mountain View, CA
    Blondie – 4th and B – San Diego
    Pretenders – House of Blues – San Diego
    Bangles – House of Blues – San Diego

    Male Vocalists:
    Freddie Mercury
    Marvin Gaye
    Jim Morrison
    Lionel Richie
    Billy Joel

    Female Vocalists:
    Tori Amos
    Natalie Merchant
    Shirley Manson
    Chrissy Hynde
    Susanna Hoffs

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