fifty shades of grey

why i wanted to read it. i didn’t. when polling my friends and coworkers for potential books to read for this little quest of mine, my store manager told me i had to read it. and far be it from me to ignore a direct order from the boss lady.

what i liked: “spend the night with me.”

“and not touch you? no”
(p. 227).

“is that all you want me for–my body?” i whisper.

“that and your smart mouth,” he breathes
(p. 316).

the tension between anastasia and christian. they’ve got good chemistry. i like anastasia. and i like christian, too, i suppose. to an extent.

what sucked: the length. no way in hell did this book EVER need to be anywhere near five hundred pages long. i was ready for it to be over a quarter past three hundred. way too many sex scenes. i’m an aries. and like most aries, i’m a pretty passionate chick. and those sex scenes, they do what the author intended for them to do (and that’s all i’ll say about that). but i don’t need to read about every single instance the lovers choose to get it on. what moves me in this story is the conflict, not the friction.

having said all that: i liked it well enough.

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  1. I'm almost impossible to embarrass, and this book made me uncomfortable. I think it was the "Laters, baby" that cemented my death.

    And see, that's why I needed you to post … no one wants to hear me piss and moan about the bar exam for two months. Not even me!

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