fall film challenge: bonus list

one film for each of the following actors. have fun.
and be sure of you what you pick… no changes permitted.

one. anne hathaway.
two. ben stiller.
three. miley cyrus.
four. vin diesel.
five. eddie murphy.
six. will ferrell.
seven. gwyneth paltrow.
eight. katie holmes.
nine. ione skye.
ten. jonah hill.
eleven. ashton kutcher.
twelve. justin long.
thirteen. maggie gyllenhaal.
fourteen. nicolas cage.
fifteen. owen wilson.
sixteen. pauly shore.
seventeen. john c. reilly.
eighteen. sylvester stallone.
nineteen. tyler perry.
twenty. channing tatum.
twenty-one. vince vaughn.
twenty-two. patrick wilson.
twenty-three. megan fox.
twenty-four. gary busey.
twenty-five. renee zellwegger.

wanna play? original list and rules are here.

4 responses to “fall film challenge: bonus list”

  1. Ok I made my list. I'll do a post on it too – 1 Princess Diaries 2, 2 Night at the Museum 3, 3 The Last Song, 4 The Last Witch Hunter (comes out next week), 5 The Haunted Mansion, 6 A Night at the Roxbury, 7 View From the Top, 8 The Gift, 9 Four Rooms, 10 22 Jump Street, 11 Jobs, 12 Serious Moonlight, 13 Mona Lisa Smile, 14 The Weather Man, 15 Shanghai Noon, 16 Bio-Dome, 17 The Aviator, 18 Daylight, 19 Meet the Browns, 20 Magic Mike XXL, 21 Swingers, 22 Stretch, 23 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, 24 The Rage, 25 New In Town

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