dexter and rachel

something borrowed is one of those stories i didn’t like on the first read.

in fact, i was kind of put off by dexter in the end. i like my leading men to be men, not pansies, after all, and he has moments of utter pansiness (that’s probably not a word, but i’m leaving it anyway) that are such a turn-off.

it’s not a great story, either.

in fact, i balked at reading it originally. why? because when rachel and dex hook up, he’s engaged to her best friend.

that’s pretty shitty.

but for some reason, i bought it. i read it. i liked it, but not so much that i felt compelled to keep it or recommend it to anyone else.

so i wasn’t going to put it in the ten-list.

and then i watched the trailer for it today, which of course made me go and buy the damned book again and read all the parts of their story i liked. turns out there were a lot of parts worth reading.

‘you don’t see yourself the way you are.’

i avert my eyes, focus on a spot of ink on my comforter.

he continues. ‘you see yourself as very average, ordinary. and there is nothing ordinary about you, rachel.’

i can’t look back at him. my face burns.

‘and i know that you blush when you’re embarrassed.’ he smiles.

‘no i don’t!’ i cover my face with one hand and roll my eyes.

‘yes you do. you’re adorable. and yet you have no idea, which is the most adorable part.’

nobody, not even my mother, has ever called me adorable.

‘and you are beautiful. absolutely, stunningly beautiful in the freshest, most natural way. you look like one of those ivory girls’ …

i tell him to please stop. even though i love what he has just told me.

‘it’s true.’

i want to believe him … ‘whoever said i didn’t want to date in law school?’

‘well, you didn’t, did you?  you were there to learn, not date. that was clear … i almost asked you out, you know that?’

i laugh at this.

‘it’s true,’ he says, sounding a little bit hurt.

i give him a dubious look.

‘do you remember that time when we were studying for our torts final?’

i picture his thumb on my face, wiping away my tear. so it had meant something.

‘you know exactly what i’m talking about, don’t you?’

my face feels hot as i nod. ‘i think so. yeah.’

‘and when i asked to walk you home, you said no. shot me down.’

‘i didn’t shoot you down!’

‘you were all business.’

‘i wasn’t. i just didn’t think at the time …’ my voice trails off.

‘yeah, and then you introduced me to darcy. i knew then that you had zero interest.’

‘i just didn’t think … i didn’t think you saw me that way.’

so, here’s hoping that the screenwriter took all those parts that make this story good and capitalized on them while chucking all the parts that sucked.

because the trailer really does look good. but then, maybe that’s just because i like the guys who are going to be in it.

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  1. i was embarrassed at the fact that i liked this damn book so much. and then i read it again. it's no a classic, isn't even literary fiction…oh miles from it. but it is well written chick lit.

    from what i can see in the trailer, they combined two characters into one. that might make it easy for the sequel, which i haven't read and am just less enthused about reading.

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