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  • When I Was a Child…

    That Scripture from Matthew or wherever… it doesn’t matter, does it? Yall know what it says… I spoke like a child…  I speak like a child all the time. Most of the time it’s because I am so stinking happy I can’t control it. Like I can’t control it when I’m mad or sad or […]

  • Howdy!

    I’m here today because I cannot post on my WordPress site because I haven’t been able to pay the webhosting stuff… something like two hundred bucks, which I don’t have because I’m a child when it comes to managing money. I lost one of my part-time gigs at the end of May. The other’s hours […]

  • Icarus


    I’ve written about this before. April fifteenth is the day he’d asked me to be his girl. April sixteenth is the day he broke my heart. April seventeenth would’ve been an anniversary of sorts. April nineteenth is the last day I saw him. And these damned numbers are EVERYWHERE. I really hate it when it […]

  • things can only get better

    i haven’t been to church in a long time. a friend talked me into going saturday. the readings spoke to me. the songs did. i bought some tamales afterward. two batches. i boiled them both. the first batch came out just fine. i scarfed those babies down. they were divine. the second one? i cooked […]

  • the demons… the dreams i drown

    hey now, take your change.that’s one of the first lines in u2’s stay. the first memory that comes to mind when i hear this song is the drive from montrose to grand junction to visit my mother’s family after my brother died. i plug in pretty much the moment we pull out of the driveway […]

  • the good fight

    the other day a friend asked me to help her tweak an essay she’d been asked to write for her work. it was about repainting some metal planters, about how the task had enabled her to see that sometimes we are like those planters, weathered and rusted by life, and how when we let him, […]

  • all the dark places

    “black holes are the remnants of former stars; they’re so dense that not even light can escape; they lurk inside every galaxy; they’re the most destructive force in the cosmos; as a black hole passes through space, it engulfs everything that comes close to it, stars, comets, planets…” (theodore finch in all the bright places; […]

  • if one only remembers to turn on the light

  • oh, what a beautiful season… for some

    i used to love this time of year. like really love it. like, i’d decorate my room and have my christmas shopping done before thanksgiving and have all my presents wrapped before mom had even rearranged the den to make room for and set up the tree. christmas was my favorite holiday. not because i […]

  • i don’t know what to pray for anymore

    i’ve never been good at praying. ever. i know how it should be done: you’re supposed to express gratitude for the good, which i do; you’re supposed to ask for help with things that hurt and are in need of healing, so i pray for my friends. i’m good with all that… until i get […]