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  • Quarantine


    They say stay home. I’ve not been following orders. I have been one of those miscreants who has run errands, albeit minimal. So I am going to stay inside my home for fourteen days. I will not leave the house. Day One: Five Loads of Laundry Day Two: When the World Lets You Stay in […]

  • seventeen weeks, two days

    that’s how long it’s been since i’ve posted anything. seventeen weeks. that’s a LONG time. i’m sorry to have been so absent. i haven’t had anything new to say. i spent much of march and april fighting a hellacious and tenacious sinus infection. it was so severe it caused significant bouts of vomiting. i was […]

  • the least of my brethren

    friday started out well enough. work then pappadeaux’s to kill time — ericka had written a post about the eight songs to which she wanted to see skaters perform in the olympics, and i was going through my itunes library, writing down the songs i’d include in a post: boom boom by big head todd […]

  • things i wish would die

    so i used to work at pottery barn kids, and the chevron print was all over everything: chevron curtains; chevron fitted crib sheets; chevron rugs; chevron blankets; chevron canvas storage; chevron diaper bags. it got to be that i loathed those stripes, that word. it got to be that i don’t even like to buy […]

  • hold your tongue

    the first crucial instance in which i know i raised my voice for good, in which i attempted to stand up for myself was in third grade, when my mother picked me up from school and asked how my day was and i’d replied that it was fine except i don’t like being in that […]

  • cross to bear

    right now i’m sitting on my bed with my mac on my lap. it’s been a long day and not really a pleasant one, which bums me a bit because it was gorgeous outside and while traveling to and fro, i’ve been listening to jenna lamia read the secret life of bees by sue monk […]

  • you need a radio, takes the pressure off everyone feeling they have to talk so much

    in the past twenty-four hours, i’ve seen in my twitter and facebook feeds people posting pictures of heavyset women wearing unflattering clothing and videos poking fun of others having difficulty at atm machines. this morning i read an article about pepsi’s failed attempt to create an advertisement encouraging cultural diversity and how heineken created one […]

  • i am a free woman!

    so on october sixth, i wrote this post. and for the six months since, i’ve been dreading that follow up appointment. it was a week ago monday. it was one of the worst well woman exams i’ve ever had, actually. had the student nurse practitioner not been there, it would’ve been fine. the woman who’d examined […]

  • the pejoration of privilege

    priv·i·lege ˈpriv(ə)lij/ noun 1. a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group of people. “education is a right, not a privilege” synonyms: advantage, benefit;  prerogative, entitlement, right;  concession,freedom, liberty “senior students have certain privileges” let’s talk about privilege, yeah? i keep hearing people use that word, and the way it’s thrown […]

  • an army of one

    in the religion (renamed the politically-correct belief) section of the houston chronicle‘s sunday, november thirteenth issue, there’s an article entitled the silent (mis)treatment: show hospitality to everyone you encounter by ben byrum. in it he talks about the experiment he conducted as a college freshman. new in town, new to the church and having difficulty […]