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  • random quarter: the q&a edition – november

    there’s a five-year journal called q&a: three hundred sixty-five questions – five years – one thousand, eight hundred twenty-five answers. i found it at barnes & nobles and anthropologie. it’s good for road trips. it’s good for these rq posts i do. this one’s gonna be a little different. instead of me rambling about some […]

  • random quarter

    one. my friend melissa and i attempted to watch gone girl tuesday. we sat in that theater for maybe twenty minutes of the show. then we walked out.two. froot loops are better than fruity pebbles.three. my first dog, a black lab, was named buckwheat.four. if given the opportunity to take a trip to anywhere i want with as many […]

  • random quarter: happy memories

    i call this one random, but it’s not, really. in fact, these haven’t been random in a while (i think i’ve run out of random, actually). but one of my blogging friends loved these posts. she’s no longer with us, and i’m saddened by this because i’d enjoyed her friendship. she loved them. and i […]

  • songs that start with the letter u: a not-so-random sample

    because it’s not a good day and i just wanna sit here and listen to music,yall get another playlist. yay! one. ultraviolet (light my way). u2. achtung baby. two. unbelievable. emf. coyote ugly soundtrack. three. under the milky way. the church. starfish. four. undercover. pete yorn. nightcrawler. five.  underneath your clothes. shakira. laundry service. six. […]

  • songs that start with the letter i: a not-so-random sample

    one. i alone. live. throwing copper. two. i am. train’s self-titled album. three. i choose. the offspring. ixnay on the hombre. four. i dare you to move. switchfoot. learning to breathe. five. i do. abra moore. everything changed. six. i don’t believe in love. queensryche. operation mindcrime. seven. i drove all night. cyndia lauper. the […]

  • songs that start with the letter y: a not-so-random sample

    one. yard of muscle. middlefinger’s three martini lunch. two. yawny at the apocalypse. andrew bird’s armchair apocrypha. three. yellow. coldplay’s parachutes. four. yellow ledbetter. pearl jam’s rearview mirror. five. yesterday. staind’s fourteen shades of gray. six. you and me. lifehouse’s self-titled album. seven. you are loved (don’t give up). josh groban’s awake. eight. you are the best thing. ray lamontagne’s gossip in the grain. nine. you […]

  • songs that start with the letter o: a not-so-random sample

    one. o valencia. the decemberists’ the crane wife. two. objection (tango). shakira’s laundry service. three. ocean and a rock. lisa hannigan’s sea sew. four. oh father. madonna’s like a prayer. five. an olive grove facing the sea. snow patrol’s up to now. six. on fire. switchfoot’s the beautiful letdown. seven. one and only. mary black’s shine. eight. one day […]

  • random quarter: the west wing edition

    september twenty-second. fifteen years ago. nbc aired the pilot episode of the west wing. i was twenty-six. it’s kind of fast-paced, this show. it requires you to pay attention. they talk fast. they walk fast. and then all the sudden shit’s happening, and if you didn’t catch it two minutes ago, then you’ll miss quite […]

  • random quarter: the minn edition

    for this post, i used the writing prompts from the book 642 things to write about, which was given to me by my friend and neighbor, the worst thanksgiving dish. we pretty much have the same thanksgiving dinner year after year. my father, like me, is a creature of habit. so it’s always turkey, stove […]

  • random quarter: a few of my favorite things edition

    one. oil of olay regenerist advanced anti-aging cleanser. i don’t get compliments on my mug too often, but the one i hear most frequently is how good my complexion is. this is so for two reasons: i rarely wear make-up; and i use this stuff. it makes my skin feel wonderful.two. bodycology’s pure white gardenia […]