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  • I Can’t Do It, Captain. I Don’t Have the…

    I Can’t Do It, Captain. I Don’t Have the…

    Oh, yeah, that’s a big fat F for me with regard to quarantining. Two days. That’s the best I’ve been able to do so far. Friday, April Third. I had to go to my place of employment and collect my paycheck, then take it to the bank (but I chose the one inside a grocery […]

  • the day to death’s hallows… otherwise known as lake charles, louisiana (no offense to those who live there)

    so lake charles is the last place my brother spent his days on this earth. for the sake of my sanity, i did not visit specific locales (nor did know what they were, though there was a brief period in my travels in which i did make an effort to do so). also for the […]

  • the north and the south

    shot seconds before the pack scored on the panthers  myrtle beach… two days before departure myrtle beach… two hours before departure

  • north carolina

    bodie lighthouse, kill devil hills, mayberry, rodanthe and woodfin valley.

  • the woodlands waterway arts festival

    patrons brave inclement weather to view works by artists from all across the country. steven graber of kansas poses with two of his works. more of graber’s works. chris hartsfield of kentucky chats with a guest as a festival volunteer views his collection. hartsfield poses with his favorite selections. wife linda poses with her favorites. […]

  • the world at sunset

    home. at the waterway. (sorry for the grainy quality… old iphones do not good cameras make.) somewhere in utah… near mount green, i think, on the way to the abbey. savannah. sneaking a rooftop view. annapolis.  and… on the other side of the world… madrid… i think. home again. but my favorites (and you might’ve […]

  • georgia and south carolina

      the first three are of savannah, the fourth of charleston, and the last of coligny beach. i’m not feeling very descriptive today, so that’s all you get.

  • the monastery’s guest house grounds: photos from a five-year-old’s vantage

    at the top of the drive, just outside the back porch.  the upstairs kitchen. just outside the back porch, on the other side of the house.  the upstairs kitchen again. the redwood picnic table my great uncle built at my grandmother’s request.  the top of the box elder tree near the house. and this one […]

  • this could be the last time… also knowns as “monks? monks live in utah?”

    yes. yes, they do. on some of the finest land in the country. i’ve posted most (if not all) of these images before. i won’t have new ones for you for a couple of weeks. we leave on wednesday for what will most likely be the last time we ever go. my munkle is very […]

  • u is for utah

    the view of huntsville, utah from halfway up the mountain. t minutes ten weeks to departure. because yes, yes i’m counting. it’s getting hot here.