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  • Dandelion Wine

    Dandelion Wine

    So first of all… the New Year’s Resolution was to reclaim a usage of capital letters. I struggled with whether to make Picky exempt from this because for nearly fifteen years I have refrained, but… a resolution’s a resolution, so… capitals. Why I wanted to read it: Last year, my parents and I saw The […]

  • the lord of the rings

    the lord of the rings

    why i wanted to read it: because i LOVE the movies and the story, and it’s been on my to do list for decades. what i liked: i listened to it on audio, yall, so i can’t share specific lines. good god, tolkien’s world-building ability is amazing. his descriptions are beautiful. his mastery of language […]

  • because one reading challenge isn’t enough

    okay. so i’m gonna try my hand at this year’s pop sugar reading challenge. i spent the morning at brio’s with a couple of friends chewing over the list and the books on my to-be-read shelves and have come up with this list: one. a book becoming a movie in ‘nineteen. the rosie project by […]

  • tell me three things

    why i wanted to read it: fuck if i know. it was on a table. i was buying GREAT books to go into a care package i’m sending to some girls i met when touring my college’s campus during its founder’s weekend celebration. somehow, and i really can’t say why, it caught my attention. maybe […]

  • emily and einstein

    why i wanted to read it: because i liked the title and the look and feel of the cover (but, yall, i’m really weird about paper, so maybe don’t put too much stock into that one, yeah?), and these two things: (from the back cover): emily portman is an up-and-coming new york city editor whose […]

  • beach music

    why i wanted to read it: i was supposed to read it earlier this year (or maybe late last year?) for a book club i’m in but didn’t. i needed a book that began with b for erin’s book challenge. i felt guilty for not having read it then, and my mom said she and […]

  • wicked: the life and times of the wicked witch of the west

    why i wanted to read it: because i figured, given the novel’s and play’s popularity, i should. because i needed something with a cardinal direction in the title for erin’s book challenge. what i liked: [fiyero] “why should i keep myself so safe?” he asked her, but he was almost asking himself. what is there in my […]

  • north of happy

    why i wanted to read it: because i needed a book with a cardinal direction in the title, and this one sounded interesting. what i liked:  i’ve never acted impulsively in my life. felix got all those genes. it feels like i’m borrowing his disobedience, like i’m stealing something, acting unlike myself. but that doesn’t […]

  • refuge for masterminds

    why i wanted to read it: because it’s the last of the school for unusual girls trilogy by kathleen baldwin. i wanted to know how the story ends. what i liked: “save your lectures, lady jane… no one will think you are a tavern wench… one look at you puts that idea to rest once […]

  • gone with the wind

    why i wanted to read it: it’s my mother’s favorite book. what i liked: there’s a lot, yall. a LOT. it would take me days to type up all the things, so i’ll just share a few specifics. “that’s no way to handle men, my dear. you are forgetting your early training.”“i don’t need you […]