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  • me in ten memes

    yes. yes, i should.

  • throwback thursday: a truth universally acknowledged

    this was originally posted august thirty-first, eight years ago. the sweatshirt in the photo below is the same one i’m wearing in that mug of me in the sidebar. it’s not nearly as baggy as it used to be. it had been my favorite, and then it wasn’t, but after some time passed, i can […]

  • five things

    five pieces of music often stuck in my head one. michael convertino’s score for the film bed of roses two. gabriel yared’s score for the film city of angelsthree. james horner’s score for the film swing kidsfour. rachel portman’s score for the film one day.five. rachel portman’s score for the film chocolat.five favorite concerts one. […]

  • a letter to my forty-four-year-old self

    a half hour or so before midnight, i was scrolling through my twitter feed and came across this bit of hideous nasty: that’s eddie lacy, formerly a running back for the green bay packers, which is my favorite football team (there was a period of loathing… the brett favre era, but the moment aaron rodgers […]

  • forty-three… one for every year of me

    i was digging through audrey louise’s blog for a particular post and came across one from august (way to miss that one, eh? i miss a lot of things, but that’s because i’m REALLY bad about looking) entitled forty-three rando-s. it’s just a list of questions, and yall know how i love that shit, so…do […]

  • the old schoolyard

    summer before freshman year like erin, i attended oak ridge high school. i was a nerd: overly intellectual, obsessive and horribly, HORRIBLY lacking in social skills. i was the scrawniest (sixty-eight pounds, dressing in either a child’s sixteen x or a junior’s size zero), shortest (five foot one) and most developmentally delayed (flat-chest, straight hips, […]

  • fifty questions

    one. what are you wearing? black, v-neck, short-sleeved, knee-length, cotton night shirt with, in white letters, i don’t like morning people. or people in the morning.two. ever been in love? yep, but not with anyone who was in love with me.three. ever had a terrible breakup? yep.four. how tall are you? five foot seven.five. how much do you weigh? the last time i stepped on the […]

  • ten things i like about myself

    one. my voice. many, many days over my forty years or so, it has been the one that thing that has kept me sane. i’ll sing almost anywhere. when i was little, i’d sing on the bus on the way to school. as an adult, i’ll sing while i’m shopping, while i’m working, while i’m walking. […]

  • the blogmopolitan quiz

    the quote i tend to live by is: i think we live our lives so afraid to be seen as weak that we die perhaps without ever having been seen at all (alan shore—boston legal). find the first quiz at two thirds hazel.and now for the second part…

  • life is good

    today, i’d like to introduce to you a fellow blogger named tina, and she’s been a loyal picky reader for a very long time. what i love best about her is she gives some great insight, some wonderful perspective. she writes some pretty nifty stuff… Maybe you’ve been wondering about that badge in the sidebar […]