can you hear me now?

oh, how i loathe verizon.



i waited. patiently. for the provider to acquire permission to sell the iphone. months. years, practically.

i hate waiting.

almost as much as i hate verizon.

so i heard they’d be getting it in the fall.


then i heard they’d be getting it in the spring.


then i heard they wouldn’t be getting the iphone ever.

and then i debated.

should i go through the hassle of changing service providers (because i did that years ago when i switched from sprint — UGH — to verizon)? or should i scrap it all and get the damned iphone already.

christmas was weeks away. i needed to find some resolve fast.

i’d bought the blackberry storm about three years ago, sometime around christmas the first year it’d come out.

i NEVER liked it. it is so NOT user friendly.

but i figured since i’d bought it, i should stick with it (are you reading this, mel? because this would apply to you, sort of, too.)

i’d watch my brother, his wife and their children happily tinker with their iphones with only a small amount of envy circling in my gut.

so finally, i decided to cut the cord and make the switch.

which i do, right after christmas.

my phone number was supposed to be ported from my verizon account to my at&t one. it wasn’t.

when i tried to rectify this, the folks at at&t said they would need certain information from verizon which i didn’t have on me and was too lazy to drive back to my house, dig through the hell that is my closet for a piece of paper, then drive back to the mall and find a place to park. again. so instead i went to the verizon kiosk not so very far away.

i tell one of the boys behind the counter that i am in need of some information. but i can’t remember my password (still can’t. not sure why i changed it, actually. the old one was quite memorable), and he’s too reluctant to do anything for me without it.

oh, but he’s quick to tell me verizon’s phones are better. several times.

which is bullshit, really. and i’m not in the mood to hear it. i’m also not in the mood to mess with the whole porting thing any longer.

so i decide to keep the number at&t has assigned me.

you do realize what this means, right?

i now have two cellular telephones.

both with voice and data plans. which means i get two bills each month, each for about ninety bucks.

and i, i am not the most responsible chick.

which means i’ve been paying for two phones for four months.

in march, i finally got around to going to a verizon store to have my service disconnected. i waited and waited for a particular associate to finish conducting business with his current customer. i waited a really long time. i was asked by several other verizon associates if they could provide assistance. i was adamant that they could not. i waited. patiently. sort of. i spent much of my time spinning circles on my chair. i’m sure the store’s employees were thrilled.

the guy finally wraps it up and gets my service disconnected.

so everything should be peachy keen, now, right?


i get that annoying, haggling phone call from verizon a week or so later. you know. the break-up call. like the ones you get from your ex because you’ve not clued in yet to either (a) how miserable he or she thinks you are, or (b) how miserable a person you should be thinking he or she is.

this guy wants to know what he can do to get me to come back.

i tell him something about how i use at&t and am quite content with their service and hang up.

today, i go in to pay what i think is my final bill, and i’m expecting it to be smallish, really.

no. it’s like two hundred bucks.


because somehow my service was reconnected.

on a happier note, i found two nifty pairs of shoes today at dsw. to go with the two nifty dresses i bought earlier at target.

one is a chambray shirt dress. what i love the most about it is the wide skirt. the other is a sleeveless, cotton dress in rose with a grey trim around the neck. what i love about it is the color. it’s a really good color on me.

i bought a pair of maroon patent leather flats with pewter buckles at the toes for when i wear the dresses at work. and a pair of red patent leather wedges for when i wear them elsewhere.

and yeah, i could’ve paid off my verizon bill with the money i spent on the shoes, but i was a little steamed, okay? and possession of those shoes is a more permanent thing, after all.

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  1. ugh. Cell phone companies are all ridiculous and frustrating. We hate Verizon and are counting down the days until our stupid contract runs out.

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