why i wanted to read it: because i loved the author’s other book, eleanor and park.

what i liked: two journalists, beth and jennifer, are using their office computers to send personal emails to each other, which goes against company policy. lincoln is supposed to warn them when they’re in violation. but he kind of likes reading what they write. and he kind of likes beth.

jennifer to beth: have you heard her sigh? it’s like a balloon dying (p. 64).

so i hung up on her, and mitch–who had wandered into the room, but didn’t know what we were fighting about–said, “i wish you wouldn’t talk to her like that. she’s your mother.”

and i couldn’t tell him, “but she thinks you’re going to leave me, and she’s already taking your side in the divorce” (p. 65).

beth to jennifer: he always sat in the corner. and i always sat one row across from him, three seats down… he never looked at me–or anyone else, to my relief–and he never took off his headphones… the week before finals, i showed up at the union at my usual time and found chris sitting in my seat. his headphones were around his neck, and he watched me walk toward him… he said, “hey.”

and i said, “hi.”

and he said, “look…” his eyes were green. he kind of squinted when he talked. “i’ve got a ten-thirty class next semester, so… we should probably make other arrangements.”

i was struck numb.

i said, “are you mocking me?”

“no,” he said. “i’m asking you out.”

“then i’m saying yes.”

“good… we could have dinner. you could still sit across from me. it would be just like a tuesday morning. but with breadsticks.”

“now you’re mocking me.”

“yes.” he was still smiling. “now i am.”

the first year was strange. i felt like a butterfly had landed on me. if i moved or even breathed, i thought he would float away… i never knew when i would see him or when he would call. a week might go by and i wouldn’t talk to him. then i’d find a note slid under my door. or a leaf. or song lyrics written in a matchbook (pp. 67-70).

jennifer: so, what’s tomorrow’s indian hills story about?

beth: there isn’t one.

there better be. you’re on the morning budget for fifteen inches (p. 94).

beth: i don’t know if i even believe in that anymore. the right guy. the perfect guy. the one. i’ve lost faith in “the.”

jennifer: how do you feel about “a” and “an”?


so you’re considering a life without articles?

and true love (p. 157).

jennifer: he just asked danielle if she blacks out all the dirty words in her harlequin romances (p. 247).

jennifer: remember when my midwife told me to talk to the baby, that it could feel my emotions and intent? … the baby could feel what i wanted… and for the first six or seven weeks, the message i was sending was, “go away.” go away, go away, go away. and it did (p. 261).

what sucked: it’s good. but it didn’t draw me in quite so well as her other story. and lincoln’s character never really felt realistic to me. (notice there’re no quotes from him).

having said all that: i liked the girls. they made the story fun. it was cute. fairly quick to read.

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  1. did she just publish this one? I feel like she writes a lot. wasn't eleanor and park just published, and didn't she also just publish fangirl?
    (me feeling insecure and thinking i should write more)

  2. I commented, but it doesn't look like it posted.

    I loved this book. As I was reading it and loving it, I wanted to read your review to see why you didn't love it. But, I didn't want spoilers. I found myself turning into a big softie reading this.

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