and… the twenty-five best films of the eighties

star wars: episode v-the empire strikes back

full metal jacket
steel magnolias
the color purple
dead poets society
die hard
the princess bride
when harry met sally
the breakfast club
top gun
lethal weapon
ferris bueller’s day off
dirty dancing
fast times at ridgemont high
turner and hooch
terms of endearment
the terminator
field of dreams
can’t buy me love
sixteen candles
young guns
real genius
rolling stone‘s list is here
what’s your list look like?

my texan-aussie friend erin made up a list, too. go check it out!

2 responses to “and… the twenty-five best films of the eighties”

  1. Just last month I watch Star war for the first time. Once my husband find out that I hadn't seen them. He went out a brought the movie and we watch them. Sadly I fall asleep during some of them. There great movie but not my cup of tea.

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